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Welcome to Themis IV

Charter Yacht - Charter Skiathos

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Amazing Luxury Yacht

With our charter yacht we offer you a trip to the calm Greek waters, with the ability to sail among beautiful islands, to moor in natural protected bays of rare beauty, as well as to visit inaccessible beaches and swim in waters of unique clarity and colour.
The port of Volos and the port of Skiathos are the starting points of the boat. We can organize from single day excursions to Pagasitikos Gulf or to Northern Sporades, to multi-day trips to Northern Sporades, the islands of the North Aegean, the Eastern Aegean and the Cyclades.
The ship navigation and governance is in the hands of Captain Haris, who is of Greek descent, 50 years old and a calm and charismatic personality. Organizational and methodical in his personal life leaves nothing to chance, has a sense of humor and is very social in his relationship with clients - Visitors of the boat. At the same time, he has many years of experience in charter yachts navigation and is familiar with all the modern electronic methods of governing the vessel.
The Yacht has all the comforts you need for a carefree, comfortable trip that will enable you to relax, enjoy immediacy with nature.
Are you ready to experience a different and exciting holiday experience? 
We listen to your dream vacation ideas and offer comprehensive individualized proposals for maritime itineraries throughout Greece, the country that we live and work in and know so well. We strive to enrich your knowledge and broaden your horizons, transforming travel into an experience that is fun, soothing, relaxing and at once informative and replete with new experiences.
We organize our exclusive “Conferences at Sea” in the same spirit of providing top quality services centered around the sea, offering our guests the unique opportunity to carry out their professional activities within the rich marine environment of the Greek seas.
Our aim is to reduce as much as possible the negative and increase the positive impacts our operational practices have on the social and physical environment within the areas of our operation. During briefing, our team will inform you of how we try to achieve this in practice.

Captain Haris

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Unlimited Adrenaline